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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone! Christmas is just days away and I wanted to wish all of you a blessed season with your loved ones. As a child growing up my Mother and Father, Lou and Wally, provided me and my four siblings with magical Christmases at our home in Oak Glen Calif. The years have come and gone, and Mom and Dad are together in heaven now but the memories of those days together as a family in our house in the mountains, live in my heart, forever. Mom and Dad not only taught my three brothers, my sister and myself about love, they showed us what love is each and every day by living their lives with humility, compassion, and forgiveness. They taught us that family, friends and our fellow man is far more important than possessions and status. They taught us that giving gives greater joy than getting. They taught us to respect and value the earth because it is a gift from our Creator. They taught us that time is precious and to use it well and to never let a day go by without telling those you love, “I love you”. Mom and Dad, thank you for making this a “Wonderful Life”. I pray you all have a year filled with love, gratitude and joy.pic-1