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Anniversaries – Part 1

Anniversaries – Part 1

Today and tomorrow, Aug. 14th & 15th are two of the most precious days of my life. 25 years ago, on Aug. 15th I married my beloved, Jeff Lester. On that day, I knew I was marrying a good guy but all these years later I now thank God, every day that I married a great man! Kind, supportive, patient, loving, talented, fun, funny and did I mention, handsome? Jeff and I have come through the seasons of our lives stronger in every way. During our 25 years, we have had our share of ups and downs but with each experience we have always grown closer, stronger and ever grateful for this “gift”.


Anniversaries – Part 2

Anniversaries – Part 2

On Aug. 14th, 10 years ago we brought home our Joe. He is OUR SON! Joe is a Wheaten terrier with a huge heart, big personality and he shows us every day what unconditional love truly is! He has made us a tight little trio, a family for which Jeff & I will be forever grateful.

So, I want to say to my “boys”, I LOVE YOU completely. Thank you for sharing your precious time, lives and love with me.

I pray every one of you reading this post can know the depth, joy and peace of rich, passionate and loving relationships. I believe it is the reason we are here. To love and be loved.


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