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Together We Stand

Together We Stand

Before this month comes to an end, I want to celebrate that June has been Pride Month!!! Of course, having Pride in who you are and in who you love is not something that is only to be celebrated one month out of the year…everyday, is a cause for celebration!

I feel incredibly blessed to have beautiful souls in my life from all walks of life who teach me every day what love, courage, kindness and truth is. You make my life a better place and I love you. Together We Stand, Divided We Fall…

June 29th

June 29th

Happy Monday everyone. June 29th is a special day in my families’ history. 73 years ago, my Mom and Dad, Lou and Wally got married! They are both in heaven celebrating today and it fills my heart with peace knowing they are together, free from any pain and dancing to their favorite song, “Glory of Love”. So, when I learned that today is also “National Hug Day” it felt like a sign from Mom and Dad to reach out and hug you. I know we can’t physically run up and hug one another right now but we can send our hugs out into the world. We can send out hugs of kind words, thoughts and actions. We can send out our hugs with a smile and a heart full of appreciation and gratitude for the love that surrounds us. I am sending my hugs out to you all, I hope you can feel them.