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Thanks & Giving – Part 1

Thanks & Giving – Part 1

In a few days we will celebrate Thanksgiving. I have always loved this holiday. It is a time to gather with people you love and just share the gift of one another’s company. Of course the traditional turkey, stuffing and other goodies are delicious and fun but it is the people that make this day a special blessing.

My memories of this holiday are crystal clear. I can still see the faces of my grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sister around the big table. Many are no longer here and I miss them every day, but especially this time of year.

Mom would get up at the crack of dawn to put the “bird” in the oven. The house smelled delicious all day long. Daddy would build a fire and hang Christmas lights. We would bring out the decorations for the tree that would be trimmed after dinner. It was the day that signaled the beginning of “The Season”.

Thanks & Giving – Part 2

Thanks & Giving – Part 2

I loved helping to set the table and make a centerpiece from the fall leaves, acorns, pinecones and holly that were on our property. I was blessed to have a BIG family. It would require us to go around the house and find every chair we had so we would have enough seating around our expanding table. Over time the faces at the table grew to add husbands, wives, grandchildren and new friends. There were also the empty seats of loved ones no longer with us.

This is a time to give thanks for all the love we have shared trough the years. A time for us to give and receive that love. I count my blessings every single day! I had a wonderful family as a girl growing up and now I have my own precious little family with Jeff, my husband of 24 years, and our son Joe, our dog. Every day is a gift and I am humbled by God’s grace. I pray that all of you have a very special Thanksgiving. I pray you have dear ones to share this day with. Take time to slow down, reflect and choose to see all that is good in your life and in this country and our world.

As Louie Armstrong sang…”I think to myself, what a wonderful world”…


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