Visionary Life Part 1

Happy summer one and all. I hope your days are full of fun, sun, friends and family.

Have you ever done a “vision board”? I just returned from a weekend “Vision Board Retreat” at my friend, Catherine Curry-Williams home in Solvang. Eight inspired & inspiring women gathered for 3 days and 2 nights to bring forward the visions and dreams they hold for their lives, their families and mankind. I encourage you to embrace this exercise. It is quite simple. Gather stacks of your favorite magazines, a pair of sharp scissors, some glue and an art board (any size, shape or color) then, start gathering the images and words that speak to you. Once you have a nice collection just start attaching them to your board and see what story emerges. (There is more to it than that but that can get you started). This exercise can be done alone or with friends. I highly recommend “friends”. Friends who love you. Friends who support you and wish for you your every happiness. In the company of so much acceptance you can rediscover your authentic self, your lost dreams, secret desires, longed for adventures and the wishes of your heart. In our busy days, it is too easy to put aside those dreams that once fueled us. We get distracted by our day to day responsibilities and forget to “Play”.