Petty With Black Stripes

I’ve been driving around with my radio turned all the way up listening to Tom Petty Radio. Somehow this keeps him alive, still here with us. “Runnin’ Down a Dream” blasting at full volume demands that you feel alive! It is contagious in the best possible way. He had the ability to capture your inner most feelings, thoughts and emotions. It was like he was right beside you letting you know you were not alone. I had the joy of working with Tom many years ago on the insanely smart and funny, “It’s Garry Shandling Show”. “No Baby, No Show” was the title of our episode. It has become a classic. Tom sang “Waiting is the Hardest Part” with just his guitar. He was charming, humble and so funny!!! I saw him many months later. We were both on a flight to New York City. He was so kind and interested in what I was doing. There was a purity about Petty that separated him from the pack. He was the “real deal”. You will be missed my friend.screen-shot-2017-10-05-at-10-45-25-am