For years I have been asked what my beauty secrets are. Healthy lifestyle, sunscreen, lots of water, sleep, meditation, love etc… and my secret weapon…Nancy Pellegrino!!! I have been blessed for several years to have access to Nancy Pellegrino, a brilliant Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner in Newport Beach. Nancy is the founder of NP Aesthetics and the “go-to” specialist for all things to do with skincare and looking and feeling beautiful. You have seen her clients at many red carpet events, like the fabulous well-known actress, Mandy Moore: https://www.yahoo.com/…/mandy-moore-used-brand-skincare-180… Now Nancy and her best friend and business partner, Courtney Baber (a beauty industry guru) have combined their 30+ years of experience in the beauty industry to bring us…The/Route! The/Route officially launched on-line this past Saturday and will soon be available at ULTA Beauty Supply and elsewhere!!!! I am so excited for Nancy and Courtney. They are an inspiring example of amazing women doing amazing things. They are building a new, exciting business and brand while pursuing their passion and dream of providing happy, health, skin for all of us. Check out The/Route and start loving your skin more than ever!!!!