Every Sunday I look forward to getting Maria Shriver’s SUNDAY PAPER: https://mariashriver.com/sundaypaper/ Like Maria, it is filled with intelligence, heart, community, insight and hope. I wanted to share with you just a few segments from last Sunday’s letter from Maria. I was inspired by her challenge for us to IMAGINE the world we want to live in and then to get to work and make it happen!!! Please read…. I’ve Been Thinking (Maria Shriver)… Today, headlines change in an instant. Once you’ve finally started to get up to speed on one story, it fades from the news and gets replaced by something new and different. It’s a lot to keep up with. It’s a lot in a little bit of time. So many people have said to me that they feel helpless and don’t know what to do or say. I tell them what I tell myself: When you lay there in bed in the dark of night, imagine the country you want to live in. Imagine the leaders you want to rally around. Imagine the ideas that make you feel hopeful. Imagine your best-case scenario. Then, pick a lane and get to work. IMAGINE the world you want to live in — the world you want to create for your children or leave for them. Don’t tell me that your vision isn’t attainable or realistic. Imagine it. Write it down. Then, take personal steps towards getting educated. Take steps toward making your dreams a reality. Do you want a better climate? Get to work. Do you want to fight against racism? Get to work. Do you want to push for gender equality? Get to work. Do you want to close the gap in health care disparities? Get to work. (Join us at the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement or send me stories to cover on my beat at NBC News.) Do you want a different kind of media? Get to work. (Join us at here at The Sunday Paper, where we believe media can be a force for good.) Do you want criminal justice or police reform? New gun laws? Mental health parity? A more inclusive church? You know what to do… There are minds to change, hearts to be open, and much to be done. Let’s get to work.