Hi everyone. I want to introduce you to Phyllis Hanson Lester. She is an artist!!! She was also my mother-in-law. Phyllis and I didn’t hit it off right away. As is the case with many moms she wasn’t sure I was the “right” girl for her only son, Jeff. Rather than resist this dynamic I chose to embrace it and see things from her perspective. That changed everything! When she realized, I had no intention of taking her son away we became allies in our common desire for Jeff to have the best life! Phyllis and I “got” each other. We were opinionated, resilient and passionate about life, family and getting to the truth. Phyllis was a mere 5’3” but her presence was BIG. Phyllis passed away August 2004. We, her family, were with her. We said “good-bye” with laughter, tears, the USC fight song, LOVE and gratitude.