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We Are One!!! – Part 1

We Are One!!! – Part 1

Last night, here in Las Vegas, an unimaginable tragedy took place when bullets rained down on hundreds of innocent people who were out to enjoy a night of Country Music, friendship and fun. In the blinking of an eye, madness descended. Lives were lost. Loved ones gone forever with no good-byes. Families shattered.

The plea for blood when out immediately as the hundreds of injured were rushed to nearby hospitals for emergency care. As my husband, Jeff and I drove to one of the blood banks near our home we came upon a site I have never witnessed. A site that reminded me that there is far more good in the world than evil. Hundreds of people were standing in line to give blood. People from all walks of life. Black, Asian, White, Indian, Puerto Rican, man, woman, child…HUMANITY!!! There were volunteers and everyday people passing out food, water, chairs, sun-screen. Some were there with home-made sandwiches, cookies and more. Everyone hurting. Everyone helping. The need to connect to one another and be in service to one another is a human fact! My heart was overwhelmed with emotion as I looked out upon the precious souls of our Las Vegas citizens.


We Are One!!! – Part 2

We Are One!!! – Part 2

As we stood there in line to give blood I thought, WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!! We all bleed the same blood and we all need that blood to live. There is no separation, no politics, no agenda, just the common knowledge that we all depend on one another to live. The truth of that was in full view as we all waited 5, 6 hours to do whatever we could to be some small part of an answer. To help! So, as the days unfold before us and we learn the names of sweet ones gone the best way to honor them, their lives and their loved ones is to continue to reach out. To open our hearts to understanding, compassion, forgiveness and of course, LOVE. Yes, last night was senseless. I pray a conversation and legislation will take place to find ways to end this madness. One that will unite us. It is TIME!!! NO MORE! As these days unfold there will be many images seared into my brain but none more powerful than the one I witnessed this morning of hundreds of people waiting to give their blood in the hopes lives will be saved. That’s love! That’s kindness! That’s unity AND that’s MANKIND!!! My love goes out to all those suffering. I pray you will find strength in the days, months and weeks ahead. Please know that you are not alone.

“What is done cannot be undone, but one can prevent it happening again.”

                                                                                                                     – Anne Frank

My love to you all,

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