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Thank You To Our Truckers…

Thank You To Our Truckers…

I never realized how much I took for granted. When it came to going to the market, I could go whenever I wanted and get whatever I needed. The shelves were always full, the produce bins were overflowing, and the butcher department had an array of fresh fish and so much more.
I took for granted all of the eggs I had to choose from!!! Brown ones, white ones, organic, grass-fed, free range, extra-large and more…

I never stopped to think “how did all of this get here”?
Our TRUCKERS!!! Now more than ever I am aware of how much my life depends on them!

Today they are being pressed to the bone to continue to deliver all of us our supplies. They are working long hours, and in many cases cannot find food or a rest stop along their routes due to all the closures.

So, I wanted to give a BIG SHOUT OUT and say THANK YOU!!! Next time I’m on the freeway and complaining because I am stuck behind a big semi, I will remember their sacrifice and say a prayer for their safe journey and a huge THANK YOU for all you do for people just like me.

Be safe dear ones…

Opening Day – Baseball Season

Opening Day – Baseball Season

Opening Day of the baseball season is something I have looked forward to all of my life. These are uncharted waters we are in but the spirit of what Opening Day celebrates is very much alive and well. Opening Day is a day filled with hope, possibility, coming together, believing and to cheer one another on!

Enjoy this inspiring message from Major League Baseball and have a great OPENING DAY!!!