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Happy Birthday Mama – Part 1

Happy Birthday Mama – Part 1

Today would have been our amazing Mom’s 90th Birthday. Lou Ellen was born November 28th, 1927. She was one of four daughters born to Edna and Clarence Wilshire. Mom grew up in Redlands and Oak Glen in Southern Calif. She loved to ride her horse, Keebler, swim and spend time with her many friends. She was the epitome of The All-American Girl. Long chestnut hair, big beautiful smile, athletic trim body and healthy glow. These are qualities Mom had all of her life. She met Daddy, Wallace Peter Anton, when she was 18 at Chaffey Jr. Collage. They feel in love instantly and spent the rest of their lives together until Daddy’s passing in 2002. Theirs was a classic Love Affair. They endured all the challenges life can bring but never lost their passion, joy and love for one another and their family. I always knew Mom was strong but when the only man she ever loved, Daddy, passed away her courage, strength and unwavering determination to make the most of every day took my breath away. Mom greeted every new day with enthusiasm, a positive attitude and gratitude. She was my dearest friend. After Daddy passed we talked at least twice a day. I always looked forward to our conversations.

Happy Birthday Mama – Part 2

Happy Birthday Mama – Part 2

Mom always made me feel I could do anything and when I felt down and a bit defeated she would always find a way to make me feel better. Mom was wise, forgiving and loving. I miss her every day but I feel her in me. I see her in my hands as I grow older and I see her in my face and I hear her in my voice. I am my Mother’s daughter and for that I am eternally grateful! How I wish I could talk with her now. I am 67. My life is beautiful but I want to ask her about “these years”. How to navigate the “back nine” as my brother Brent calls it. Mom was a very young 84 when she passed away. In spite of health issues, she made the most of every day whether she was planting flowers in her garden, visiting with friends or playing with her grand-children that beautiful smile never faded. I want to ask her how she did it? I want to know her secrets, I want to hear all those stories I was too busy to appreciate when I was younger. I want to let her know that she is THE BEST MOM any child could ever hope for. I want to feel her gentle touch and have her tell me one more time, “It’s all right”, and it WAS!!! I miss you Mom. I love you to the moon and back a million times. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!