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Phyllis – Part 1

Phyllis – Part 1

Hi everyone. I want to introduce you to Phyllis Hanson Lester. She is an artist!!! She was also my mother-in-law. Phyllis and I didn’t hit it off right away. As is the case with many moms she wasn’t sure I was the “right” girl for her only son, Jeff. Rather than resist this dynamic I chose to embrace it and see things from her perspective. That changed everything! When she realized, I had no intention of taking her son away we became allies in our common desire for Jeff to have the best life! Phyllis and I “got” each other. We were opinionated, resilient and passionate about life, family and getting to the truth. Phyllis was a mere 5’3” but her presence was BIG. Phyllis passed away August 2004. We, her family, were with her. We said “good-bye” with laughter, tears, the USC fight song, LOVE and gratitude.

Phyllis – Part 2

Phyllis – Part 2

Phyllis’s greatest legacy is her beautiful family but also her art! In our desire to share her work with a larger audience we have launched the Phyllis Hanson Lester Gallery. To view some of her work please go to:

This is just a small sampling of Phyllis’s work. We will be adding more pieces on a regular basis. Phyllis was extremely prolific. She enjoyed working in every medium. She painted well into her 80’s and her work reflects her personal evolution as a woman, student of life and as an artist.

Life is art and art is life. Phyllis lived both to her fullest.

We are thrilled to share her “gift” with all of you.

Create my friends…It is why we are here.


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