Jerry Stiller died May 11th of natural causes. He was 92. He achieved great success playing irascible loudmouths and high-strung hotheads. The ultra-neurotic Frank Costanza of “Seinfeld” or the badly behaved, Arthur Spooner of “The King of Queens.” But in truth, Jerry Stiller was a kind, gentle soul. A great husband, father, grandfather, artist and friend. In 1984 I auditioned for legendary director, Mike Nichols for the part of Darlene in David Rabe’s Pulitzer Prize winning play “Hurly Burly” and got the part. I was suddenly on Broadway at the Barrymore theater. I was thrilled and terrified! The only theater I had done to that point was a summer tour of “They’re Playing our Song” for the John Kenley Players. “Hurly Burly” was the Big Time! I would be working with some of the best, most respected names in the Broadway community. As I walked to the theater for my first day of rehearsal, I was completely nervous. I wasn’t sure how I would be received by these theater veterans. I was from television and Las Vegas showrooms. My fears were put aside the moment I walked into the “greenroom” back-stage. Jerry Stiller, who played the part of Artie, greeted me with his warm smile and welcoming embrace. He made me feel “at home” immediately as he took me around and introduced me to the rest of the cast and crew. Jerry and his amazing wife, Anne Meara took me under their wing and made me feel like I belonged. Jerry was always joyful, thoughtful and generous. Every Sunday Jerry would stop by world famous New York deli, Zabars’ and get beagles and “the works” for everyone at the theater. It was a ritual I looked forward to every week as our cast, Frank Langella, John Rubinstein, Danny Aiello, Ron Silver, Christine Baranski, Jerry, Mike Nichols and me, would gather in the Greenroom at The Barrymore Theater. It was an amazing year in my life that I am forever grateful for. Thank you, Jerry for your friendship, kindness and support. I send my love and prayers to your son, Ben (Stiller) your daughter Amy and your grandchildren. The brilliant husband/wife comedy team of “Stiller and Meara” are together again and Heaven just got a little brighter.