Dad 2

Today my father, Wally Anton, would have turned 93. Daddy passed away on June 6, 2002, D-Day. He was 77. It was too soon but we were all so grateful to have had him for all those years. My Dad survived two wars, WWII and Korea. He served with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department until he retired. He was a man of great integrity, kindness, humor and love. Love for his wife, Lou Ellen, his children, Greg, Susie, Brent, Peggy and Todd and his many grandchildren. Love for his community and love for his country. He also LOVED the DODGERS!!! So here we are, it’s fall and his BOYS IN BLUE are once again in the World Series. I know he is smiling down with that twinkle in his clear blue eyes. He is watching the games with his sweetheart, our Mom and they have the best seats to all the games. It makes me smile and warms my heart. My Daddy was the hardest working man I ever knew. He always had more than one job and if a neighbor or a stranger needed help he was the first one there to assist. He was an affectionate man and showed my brothers that it was okay for a man to cry, hug another man and say, “I love you”. He was humble about his own accomplishments but eager to share with anyone how proud he was of his beautiful wife and family.