Several months ago my husband Jeff and I purchased tickets to go see Ringo and His All Star Band at The Smith Center here in Las Vegas on November 13th. We had been looking forward to seeing a “Beatle” (we saw Paul a few years ago…EPIC) but with the election and the aftershocks of the results we almost forgot we had these tickets. Thanks to Siri and her calendar reminder we didn’t miss this great show! It was just what the doctor ordered.  2,000 people gathered in joy, love and peace. YES!!! Ringo bounced out on stage with his big heart and joyful presence and somehow everything felt better.

The Beatles rescued us in the 1960’s when our country was shattered by the assignations of John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King! The evening news reported race riots, marches, protests; shootings at Kent State and Berkley and young men just a few years older than me were going off to fight a controversial war in Vietnam.  I will never forget that night, February 9, 1964. I was sitting on the living room floor of my parent’s home in front of our TV set waiting for Ed Sullivan to introduce four lads from Liverpool. “Ladies and gentlemen… THE BEATLES”